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We are a network of private business directors united by our determination to improve the sales performance of our companies.

Members of CESTAM are driven by a desire for better performance, both from ourselves and from the sales staff we employ.

All of us are ready to shed self-limiting beliefs and dismiss old excuses: we are determined to see the ‘Return’ part of sales and marketing ROI materialise. Most members have annual revenue of $5 million plus or will have in the next 2 to 3 years. Many have revenues in excess of this already. At the other end of the scale, a few of our members are small, entrepreneurial outfits run by determined and resourceful people matching the profile of ‘winners’. What we all have in common is the resolve to change our businesses through the way that we view and do sales.

We set up CESTAM to raise awareness of the value of quality sales and sales management skills to the process of improving business performance, especially within the technology and manufacturing sectors; to promote sales and sales management to the forefront of business growth strategies for Michigan firms in these sectors and to provide a forum for such companies with a specific focus on recognising, sharing and developing those skills.



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